About Us

What does the State Treasurer do?

Since statehood, the Office of State Treasurer has played a critical role in the advancement of Wyoming. Our constitution recognized the importance of a diverse executive branch, and as the office of one of the original five statewide elected officials, the people and the capacities of this office have grown as Wyoming has grown and prospered.

The State Treasurer's Office manages over $20 billion in assets. The State's portfolio consists of nine investment pools. To safeguard Wyoming's money and yet earn a profit the state invests in many different types of investments.

The State Treasurer's Office is responsible for balancing the state's checkbook, every day. We are responsible for receiving in all the money from all agencies, both locally and around the state. These monies are electronically deposited via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and wire transfers.

The Unclaimed Property Division is also administered by the State Treasurer's Office. The Unclaimed Property Division collects unclaimed property, generally cash and securities, from companies and entities. The Unclaimed Property Division holds these properties until they can be reunited with their rightful owner or heirs.