​The Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office is a constitutional office mandated to complete the following duties:


1. Agency Administration.

As one of the five statewide elected officials, the State Treasurer responds to the needs of the citizens of Wyoming through the various programs and activities required of the office and through numerous boards and commissions of which he is a member.


2. Banking and Cash Management.

Receipts from state agencies are received, reconciled and deposited daily. State warrants (checks) are validated and redeemed from the bank each day.


3. Distributions.

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the distribution of state and federal funds. Recipients of the funds are: cities, towns, counties, the University, community colleges, critical access & rural hospitals, county libraries and state agencies.

Funds distributed include Federal Mineral Royalties, Severance Tax, Railroad Car Tax, Veteran Tax Exemptions, Native American Motor Vehicle Tax Exemptions, Taylor Grazing fees, U. S. Forest, Livestock Predatory Animal Control fees, Water Development funds, Hathaway Student Scholarship Endowment, and Excellence in Higher Education funds.


4. Investment of State Funds.

The State Treasurer’s Office was investing more than $28 billion as of January 31, 2024. Investment income is currently the second-largest source of income to the general fund.


5. Unclaimed Property Program.

The administration of this program involves collecting and holding unclaimed funds and returning them to the rightful owners or heirs.


Wyoming State Treasurer

The Wyoming State Treasurer’s Office is committed to becoming the leader in sovereign wealth fund management, accounting excellence, and unclaimed property returns through integrity and innovation.



About the Treasurer

The Honorable Curtis E. Meier, Jr. was sworn in as the 31st Treasurer of the State of Wyoming on January 7th, 2019.

Prior to his election, Treasurer Meier served in the Wyoming State Senate for 24 years. Curt’s background in business became an asset to the State of Wyoming as he fulfilled a wide range of legislative committee assignments:

State Treasurer Advisory Committee during the terms of former Treasurer Cynthia Lummis and Joe Meyer.

  • Select Committee on Capital Financing and Investments.
  • Legislative Liaison to the State Retirement Board, of which he is now a current member.
  • Appropriations Committee.
  • Chairman of the Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions Committee.
  • Chairman of the Transportation, Highway, and Military Affairs Committee.

Curt has been recognized by numerous organizations for the work he has done for the citizens of Wyoming, including the distinguished Patrick Henry Award from the Wyoming National Guard Association for his “outstanding and exceptional service to the armed forces.”

Throughout his career as an elected official, Treasurer Meier has established himself as a champion of the Wyoming and U.S. Constitution, a strong advocate for the rule of law, and a gatekeeper for taxpayer dollars.

In addition to his public service, Curt is also a successful businessman, operating a farm and ranch in his hometown of La Grange, and formerly owned and operated an irrigation business.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming, Curt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.  His wife, Charlene, a dedicated elementary school teacher retired after 45 years in Goshen County, after the end of the 2019 school year.


The Administrative division of the State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for maintaining day-to-day office operations including legal, human resources, policy and technology.

The Performance Compensation Administrator and Investment Compliance Officer are housed in this division.


The Investment division of the State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for maintaining and managing Wyoming’s sovereign wealth fund.

This team is made up of highly qualified, hand picked, investment professionals from around the world.

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The Financial Accounting division of the State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for balancing the state’s finances, recording and managing public depositories, and distributing money to state agencies.

This team is comprised of accountants and financial experts with a variety of fiscal backgrounds.

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The Unclaimed Property division of the State Treasurer’s Office is responsible for the collection, and eventual return, of unclaimed money, property, and items.

This team is composed of unclaimed property experts.

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