According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, the State of Wyoming is the most transparent fund in the United States and third in the world.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution located in Washington DC. They describe themselves as being devoted to the rigorous and intellectually open study of international economic policy. Since 1981, they have identified and analyzed a wide range of international economic challenges, policy approaches, and practical ideas to help make globalization beneficial and sustainable for the people of the United States and the world.

In this particular study, the Institute found that Norway was the most transparent fund, giving the most information to the public regarding its sovereign wealth fund. With a maximum possible score of 100, Norway scored 98 with New Zealand and Wyoming close behind with scores of 94 and 93 respectively. See link to the right to read the study in its entirely, OR vist the PIIE link o learn more about the Peterson Instistute. (Peterson Institute for International Economics).

Wyoming State Treasurer, Mark Gordon stated that he is "pleased that Wyoming is in the very front of this very distinguished group of worldwide funds. We have made great strides over the last year and a half to make our financial reports more available to the public". "That's the way it should be, Gordon stated, we want Wyomingites to be knowledgeable about Wyoming's financial health and all the activities which affect it. Virtually all non-proprietary reports are quickly posted to our website. It is our commitment to Wyoming", Gordon explained.

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This is the second distinguished acknowledgement Wyoming has received from the world economic community this year. See Positive Impact link to Wyoming being the 33rd largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.