What is Unclaimed Property?

You may be wondering what unclaimed property is. Unclaimed property is money that is left behind and turned over to the state to hold for the rightful owners. It includes but is not limited to utility deposits, unpaid wages, insurance proceeds, securities, savings and checking accounts. The Unclaimed Property Division receives new property every year.

In 2017, $8 million was received and $6.5 million was successfully returned to the citizens of Wyoming. However, the Division is still holding approximately $70 million in unclaimed property from previous years. Find out if you have Unclaimed Property, search our database now!

New Online System

The Wyoming Unclaimed Property division is excited to announce our new online Unclaimed Property system. This new system allows Wyoming residents to search and claim unclaimed property completely from our website. To get started simply click the search unclaimed property button.

Unclaimed Property News


Unclaimed Property Fraud Info
Unclaimed Property is an incredible
asset but it does attract fraud.
Watch the NAST video here to
learn more about it!


Unclaimed Property Information
The Treasurer's Annual Report
contains additional information.

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$51 Million Returned!
In the last 25 years, Unclaimed

Property Division has received
$133 million in unclaimed property.
$51 million has been returned!

How do I report Unclaimed Property?

Reports must be in the NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) standard format. All reports and remittances are due on or before November 1. A signed verification form must accompany all reports.

Please Note: Negative reports are not required.

Please Note: If you are using the desktop application version of HRS Pro you must update your application to receive the newest Wyoming report template

Step 1: Review your records for unclaimed property that your business may be holding.

Step 2: For property with a value over $50, send a letter of due diligence to the owner at the last known address on file.

Step 3: For the owners that you were unable to locate, collect any additional information such as social security numbers, birth dates, and property types. This will help us find the rightful owner(s) for the property.

Step 4: Prepare and submit your report online utilizing our online system.

Step 5: Print your report receipt generated in our system, and mail us both the receipt and a check for the reported amount.